How to Setup Live TV on KODI (XBMC) Watch +1000 TV Channels – PVR IPTV XBMCBBTS URL (2015)

How to Set Up and Watch Live TV on Kodi Entertainment Center. Enable and configure a PVR (Personal Video Recorder). With an IPTV, Internet Protocol Television, with XBMCBBTS URL and watch more than 1000 channels.

Kodi (XBMC) Entertainment Center is available as a native application for Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS (iDevices and Apple TV 2, and Windows operating systems, running on most common processor architectures.

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You should first:
1. on Settings, Addons, Configure PVR IPTV Simple Client
2. on General tab: Add IPTV URL
3. on EPG settings: XMVLTV URL
4. on Channel logos: Logos URL
5. ok, enable PVR Simple Client
6. go back to settings, and enable TV
7. Reboot kodi

To get the new IPTV Playlists just follow this 3 steps:
1: Subscribe to learn share Channel
2: Subscribe to
3: Confirm your email and re-check your email again to get the playlists.

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