3 thoughts on “UFC 199 Official Weigh-in

  1. Fuck dana white, fuck joe rogan fuck all those involved with the UFC 199
    in along with all them stupid ass fighters who agreed to that stupid ass
    weigh in, that was so stupid hat I took it as an insult to the way they
    faked it.
    Fuck you Dana White!

  2. Here my predictions for the 3 best fights. 3Rd to last fight of the night
    is Holloway Vs Lamas. I pick Holloway to pull it off but I think it might
    go 3 rounds. Max is a great and innovative striker but I belive Lamas can
    take the onslaught. Co main event- Cruz vs Faber, I pick Cruz to take with
    a unanimous Decision Victory. Faber has had so many opportunities wuth all
    the title shots he was given but he fails EVERY time. A lot of the fights
    were good but it seams he has a hard time pulling the trigger and going for
    the kill shot. I believe he peeked during his W.E.C days. Main Event is
    Rockhold vs Bisping. I got Luke by Sub in the 3rd or 4th round. Luke just
    has to many tools for Michael. Rockhold has viscous kicks that can change a
    fight, Bispings kicks lack the variety and power. Luke has better BJ.J and
    can Def stop the shot. The closest skill these fighter possess is Boxing
    and Bisping is one of the best I the division but Luke is very good too. He
    puts beatings on Top ranked fighters like Cain and D.C on the daily at A.K
    I think they’re about equal in that skill set. there’s one category that I
    think Michael Bisping has an advantage in stamina an output. the man has
    got a ridiculously slow heart rate and he never quits. Should be a great
    card and some serious battles..

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