UFC 199: Open Workout Highlights

Catch up with the stars of UFC 199 before they hit the

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3 thoughts on “UFC 199: Open Workout Highlights

  1. If Faber doesnt gas out then i have him to win. Dom cant finish him and
    Urijah is a super tough dude, just all rests on his ability to get past the
    first 3 rounds without losing his speed. Bisping, as much as i want him to
    win against Smughold i just cant see it happening, Smughold to win via
    submission in the 2nd round

  2. The total bags of shit at MMA Junkie posted the wrong start times for the
    open workouts. I drove my entire family, including my 10 month old, an hour
    away just to get there as everybody was leaving the gym. We missed the
    entire workout. It cost me a tank of gas and a pissed off family because
    some dumb fuck can’t tell the difference between 3:30 PST and 3:30 Eastern
    time. MMA Junkie is a bunch unreliable fish wrapping motherfuckers. Nobody
    should ever trust what MMA Junkie ever reports if they can’t even fucking
    tell time.

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