XBMC KODI Backup and Restore Files WITHOUT losing ANYTHING

In this video I show you how I backup and restore Kodi and move files around from one pc to another. We do all of this without using any addons within Kodi. I’m sure that others may do this differently.Website – http://spoonfedproduction.com
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Twitter – https://twitter.com/SpoonFedPro
Google+ – https://plus.google.com/+pctech9990
Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/SpoonFedProductions?ty=h

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3 thoughts on “XBMC KODI Backup and Restore Files WITHOUT losing ANYTHING

  1. hello sir, ok so i solved my earlier problem. By the way thank you very
    much for all your help. However, I just installed several versions of Kodi
    on my c drive per your excellent directions. How do select which one I want
    to open and or place a short cut for it on my desk top? I have 3 folders
    labeled kodi, kodi beast, and kodi orig.

  2. Is it possible to move Kodi backup from my laptop to my Amazon Fire Stick?
    I have followed your videos to do the setup on computer and now would like
    to do the same on the Fire Stick without spending too much effort

  3. Hi. Can you just tell me which windows theme are you using (on this video)
    or is this different OS.

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